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Zain wins bid to install tracking system on public vehicles

AMMAN — Zain Jordan will soon start implementing a project to install a tracking system on public agencies’ vehicles, the company’s CEO said Saturday. 

Zain Jordan will implement the project, in partnership with Traklink and General Computers and Electronics Co., after it was announced as the winning bidder for a tender floated by the government to install a GPS system on public vehicles, Zain Jordan CEO Ahmad Hanandeh told The Jordan Times. 

Several local and international companies competed for the tender floated by the Transport Ministry, said Hanandeh, adding that the company met all technical and financial requirements.

Under the tender, Zain Jordan will install the tracking system on 5,000 public vehicles over the next six months. Work will then expand to cover 20,000 vehicles in the final stages of the project, according to the telecom company’s CEO. 

“Through this project, Zain Jordan will help the government in its efforts to control and manage public vehicles to ensure they fulfil their tasks,” Hanandeh said. 

According to partners in the tender, the project will help increase productivity, reduce operational costs and cut fuel consumption. 

The projected system will enable live monitoring of the vehicles as well as monitoring any violations of speed limits, changing routes or using the vehicles outside working hours. 

Using the system, which saves information in a database, will help cut maintenance costs of the vehicles by 15-20 per cent, according to Zain Jordan.

Public vehicles cost the budget over JD80 million a year in terms of fuel and maintenance, according to the Audit Bureau.


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