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"We are proud of our partnership with TrakLink. The company is distinguished by its unique service in the field of GPS and Telematics, which makes it easy for us to carry out our work effectively and professionally. The most important characteristic of the company is customer service, prompt response to our business requirements."
Mr. Mohammad Qaisi - Logistics Manager
"We have been working with TrakLink for the past five years. Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track during the recent booming and through a major restructure. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and respond to questions. I feel confident in recommending Track Link Company due to the significant difference their solutions provide to our business. "
Waleed Omran - CFO
"I would like to thank you for your high quality technical services. Without any courtesy, the technical services we get from you, whether in terms of movement of cars or sensors of heat and humidity are exceptional. It is of a high professional level and this is what we have seen from your qualified cadres in addition to the easy handling and respect we receive from your staff. I reiterate my thanks and gratitude and wish you further progress, prosperity and reconciliation "
Eng. Hisham Arabiat - Managing Director
"We are proud to have been working with TrakLink for more than four years as the leading company in the local market in the field of vehicle tracking and management, and also because of its adoption by major international and local companies to track their vehicles by satellite to determine the geographical location of the vehicle. Being specialized in the transportation of hazardous and flammable materials, we placed our trust in TrakLink to maintain the safety of our employees, vehicles and payloads through real-time tracking of our vehicles and their cargoes throughout Jordan and the prompt alert sent by the system to the public safety and transport managers to take preventive measures to avoid any problems before they occur."
Mr. Mohammad Melhem - Assistant General Manager
"Useful system, excellent customer service, excellent sales team! "
Ms. Samar Ayyad - Financial Director
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