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This team member is responsible for working with stakeholders to elicit, analyze, specify and validate business and solution requirements to meet business needs. Must be able to work with a diverse stakeholder group, identify areas of contention and create a shared understanding between the customer community and the solution delivery team while maintaining alignment with Business and technology strategies. The Job seeker should be able to transition to unfamiliar business and systems domains with minimal guidance. May act as a team lead for small to medium sized initiatives.

      Analytical Thinking (Intermediate): Identifies current or future problems or opportunities, analyses, synthesizer and compares information to understand issues, identifies cause/effect relationships and explores alternative solutions to support sound decision making.
      Facilitation (Intermediate): Uses and adjusts style and technique to assist group process and understanding.
      Communication (Intermediate): Demonstrates effective verbal, written, and listening communication skills.
      Teamwork (Intermediate): Works together in situations when actions are interdependent and a team is mutually responsible to produce a result.
      Relationship Management (Intermediate).
      Seeks out, builds, fosters and maintains productive relationships, networks or alliances to meet goals and achieve results.
      Business Perspective (Intermediate): Uses knowledge of internal and external factors impacting the property casualty industry to make decisions.


We hope you are responsible, demonstrate logical thinking, interested in technology and working in the team is a pleasure. You will succeed if you have:

      Good English.​
      Working knowledge of software and operating system principles.
      Basics of telecommunication systems and technologies.​
      Possess good analytical & logical skills - detail problem solver.
      A desire to learn and appreciate each customer's problems, and the ability to remotely communicate and solve problems.
      Have process orientation document and maintain customer case records.​
      Have a can do attitude and a positive disposition.​
      Be familiar with Microsoft applications and working knowledge of MS excel.​
      Ready to visit remote customer location.​
      Ready to work after working hours.​
      Ready to work after working hours.​
Additional knowledge ​
      Vehicle tracking system.​
      Ability to understand terminals protocols, functions, connectivity with different accessories in the market.​
      Knowledge in vehicle wiring system, OBDII technology, CANBUS technology.​
      Awareness of market technologies and trends.
      RS232, RS485, Analogue, Frequency and other technologies.
      Strong Knowledge of Sensors and wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and GPRS.​
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