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Specialized application for ready mix concrete companies, where the inputs of data through integration with ERP, Biometric System, Gas Station System and GPS Data are consolidated in a single platform, allowing a broad vision of the entire logistic operation of the company.

Why TAMRMix:

      Management: Full Control on concrete mixer trucks delivery operation.
      Tracking: Real-time tracking production and delivery status (available, loading,
         travelling, on site or on the way back to the plant)
      Cost Benefit: Reduce your operating costs and increase your productivity detecting
          inconsistent deliveries, off-site stops and much more.
      Delivery Map: The HEAT MAP features the biggest concentration of deliveries.
      Applications: Easy communication between clients and drivers
          applications for both customer and Driver

Customer Application

This system transmit bigger security to clients showing real time all deliveries as well as the route of each mixer on the map. The customer can track his order and previous purchases with all time data and route


Developed to grant drivers real time monitoring of their trips and goals. Through gamification algorithms drivers can challenge each other in a fun and exciting way
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