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For more guaranteed security and with the participation of parents, TRAKLINK provides its services to the educational sector, which allows both the school and the users through its various applications to track bus tours, manage operations and ensure the safety of their children.

Why TAMedu:

      Management: Enables the school to track and manage bus tours.
      Tracking: Real-time tracking services for parents without direct contact with the
      Communication: Facilitates communication between parents and school.
      Wait Time: Eliminate wait time by notifying parents of the approaching bus.
      Safety: Parents ensure their children’s safety by following their journeys between
         home and school.
      Location: Precise and accurate location detection for student residence and pick
          up point.
      Ride Time: Reduce ride time with prior knowledge of absent students.
      Emergency: Handle emergency situations promptly by knowing the exact location
          of the bus.
      Vehicle Safety: Ensure bus safety with constant monitoring of maintenance needs.
      Applications: Easy communication with parents using advanced smart phone
          applications for parents, attendants and transport managers.
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Parents Application

      Facilitates communication between parents and drivers.
      Provides parents with complete details about the student's trip with arrival
          alerts when arriving home.
      Enables real-time tracking of children’s bus without having to call the school.
      Enables parents to inform the school of cases of absence without the need for
      Enables parents to locate and change the student’s pick up and drop off points
          without having to contact the school.

Bus Attendant Application

      Know the next drop-off point along with student’s photo and information.
      The application holds students’ information so you can for example know students
          birthdays and make their trips exciting and more enjoyable
      Provides the attendant with a list of present and absent students.
      Receive text or voice messages from the students’ parents
      Provides instant alerts when students get to the bus and when they get off, and if
          they get dropped off in the wrong location.

Transport Manager Application

      Real-time updates on school buses.
      Facilitates communication between drivers and parents and updates information
          in case of any delays.
      Identify available and unavailable buses for trips.
      Manage school bus fleets efficiently in all circumstances. The application helps you
          to create new trails effectively and control the fleet and inspect its vehicles.
      The application helps you stay cautious and make the right decisions in a timely
          manner to ensure the safety. It provides immediate alerts about driver behaviors
          and heavy traffic.
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