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M2M technology

M2M technology is used to manage and monitor any electromechanical device. It has various applications such as in greenhouses and smart houses. It can also be applied in various fields and sectors including:

      Vehicle fleet management solutions.
      Measuring and monitoring devices remotely.
      Measurement of remote meters.
      Power Stations.
      Server Rooms.
      Ventilation and irrigation systems.
m2m applications

M2M Applications

      Monitor room temperature and maintain preset temperature in refrigerators,                 storage rooms and server rooms.
      Send a warning to the system user in case of a predefined defect.
      Alert when main power is disconnected.
      Identify the person entering the room using RFID technology.
      Control cameras inside the room, by sending an image to the user when an
         abnormal situation happens.
      Know fuel level using fuel level sensor and supply it from the tank.
      Ventilation and irrigation systems.


      Monitor and maintain temperature and humidity within the greenhouses. In the
         case of difference, irrigation will be controlled automatically.
      Running the water pump.
      Know the water level in the sub-tank and run the pump to supply it from the
         main tank.
smart homes

Smart Houses

      Automatic control of surveillance cameras.
      Automatic control of central air conditioning and heating .
      Automatic lighting control.
      Automatic control of irrigation systems in gardens
      Automatic control of security systems and doors .
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