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Solutions & Services

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

TrakLink's system (TAM) has the right technology to fully manage your fleet and maximize its efficiency.

Asset Tracking and Management

Various solutions for asset tracking, whether stationary or mobile.

Route Planning, Management and Optimization

Pre-defined route planning contributes to reducing time, effort and operational costs and more.

Workforce Management

with intelligent software solutions you can know your supplies and deman status and what is happening in all chain of transportation.

Monitoring Liquid Levels in Fixed Tanks

The Ultra-Sonic Liquid Level Sensor enables you to monitor fuel/water levels in a tank.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Using the Fuel Level Sensor or CANbus, you will be able to obtain accurate readings of fuel level and fuel consumption.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Alerts of any changes in predefined temperature levels.

Driver Identification Service​

Uses RFID and iButton to identify the driver.

M2M Technology

M2M technology is used to manage and monitor any electromechanical device.

Security Solutions

Panic Button, Door Sensor, Access Control, Immobilizer (cut-off relay).

Voice Kit Service

The Voice Kit enables the control center to communicate with the driver without using the mobile phone.


Monitor driver behavior while driving and insure vehicle/s safety.

Mobile Applications

Use our mobile applications on iOS and Android.

CANbus Technology

Cutting-edge devices support the ability to communicate with the vehicle/s computer.

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