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Success Stories

Committed to Excellence 

Al- junaidi

Al-Junaidi, a renowned company for dairy and food products, was having difficulty in controlling the temperature of its refrigerated vehicles. The process required a lot of time and effort. They were also having problems in controlling their representatives driving routes and evaluating their drivers.

TRAKLINK solved their issues by developing a set of reports to measure the temperature and monitor the paths of representatives and their driving behaviour. Furthermore, the developed system enables the collection of several reports from different periods for analysis and comparison. These reports include alerts of different kinds such as: alerts for exiting assigned routes, alerts for returning to assigned route, alerts when idle for more than half an hour, alerts for high temperatures in refrigerators.

Thankfully, our solutions helped Al-Junaidi in various aspects. They saved time and effort in the process of monitoring temperatures which prevented their products from getting damaged. They were able to evaluate their drivers effectively and extend the operating life of vehicles

Ghadeer (Nestle)

Our client Ghadeer, Jordan’s leading bottled water brand, needed an efficient method for evaluating their drivers. For that, TRAKLINK developed a specific Dashboard to assess drivers monthly according to certain criteria. The system enables the entry of all irregularities and accidents on the system.

This solution greatly benefited the company by saving time and effort in the process of evaluating drivers. They were able to reduce the violations committed by drivers and increase their adherence to traffic rules and safety standards. In addition, they were able to reduce fuel consumption and extend the operating life of their vehicles.


Jo Petrol, which runs the only oil refinery in Jordan, wanted to monitor and decrease their fuel consumption. TrakLink rose to the challenge by developing a program that calculates fuel consumption rates of each vehicle based on information obtained from satellite tracking systems as well as other systems. We were also able to link it to programs like JD Edwards and Mepsan to arrive at a comprehensive solution.

Jo Petrol was able to reduce their fuel consumption significantly as well as calculate fuel cost per vehicle and diagnose vehicle breakdowns based on fuel consumption rates.


Working with Total HSEQ Department to bring in the reports generated from TRAKLINK’s TAM in order to comply with their audit’s strict conditions regarding their drivers’ driving behaviour and hours driven and their compliance with the standards adopted by Total worldwide. Such standards enhance and govern eco/safety driving and monitors violations such as harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, speeding, excessive idling and control continuous driving time and required rest times.

It is worth mentioning that Total Jordan have won the 2nd place prize within Total Worldwide due to their adaptation of TRAKLINK’s solutions in fleet management, tracking and more.


For car rental company Hertz, the challenge was in their need for a system to manage trips and destinations. TRAKLINK developed a mobile application that they can use to manage and control all trips as well as organizing passenger and driver records.

Our solutions helped Hertz in reducing time and effort, reducing fuel consumption and regulating trips making their process much more efficient.

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