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What we Offer


Specialized Fleet Management

Choosing the right tracking system for your business makes it easy and efficient for you to track your fleet of vehicles.
Traklink's system (TAM) has the right technology to fully manage your fleet

Asset Tracking and Management

Various solutions for asset tracking, whether stationary or mobile i.e. containers, high value merchandise, cold rooms, medicine/drug storage facilities, data centers, generators...

Route Planning and Optimization

Pre-defined route planning contributes to reducing time and effort, reducing operational costs, reducing fuel and vehicles periodic maintenance bills, and many more benefits.

Workforce Management

Using TrakLink's (Tam Tag) application for smart phones, you can manage your employees, their movements and their associated tasks without the need for a specialized tracking system.

Monitoring Liquid Levels in Tank

The Ultra-Sonic Liquid Level Sensor enables you to monitor fuel/water levels in a tank, and receive alerts when the liquid level reaches a certain level.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Using the Fuel Level Sensor or CANbus, you will be able to obtain accurate readings of fuel level and fuel consumption.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

We provide temperature and humidity monitoring systems for personal and commercial use. Our solutions offer access to real-time date and alerts.

Driver Identification Service

M2M technology is used to manage and monitor any electromechanical device. It has various applications such as in greenhouses and smart houses.

M2M technology

M2M technology is used to manage and monitor any electromechanical device. It has various applications such as in greenhouses and smart houses. It can also be applied in ...

Security Solutions

Security is a tough job, but you can keep up with protected assets with Position Logic's Asset GPS Tracking for the security industry.

Voice Kit Service

The Voice Kit enables the control center to communicate with the driver without using the mobile phone which ensures driver and vehicle safety.

Video Monitoring (MDVR)

TRAKLINK offers MDVR service where you can monitor driver behavior while driving and insure vehicle/s safety, through one of the below:



Use our customized solutions with features
including Monitoring, Tracks, Mobile App,
Vehicle Immobilization with limited use of
reports and notifications.


Enjoy a winder range of features for the utilized
solution including but not limited to:
Geofences, Unit Groups, Messages, Driver, etc.


Unlock the full ability of the TAM system to
maximize the benefits of our offered solutions.
Additional features include Route Planning, Fuel
Consumption Monitoring, Logistics, Eco Driving,
and much more.

What we Cover

Various beneficiary sectors

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what clients say

“[…] Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track during the recent booming and through a major restructure. […]”

Waleed Omran, CFO

“We are proud of our partnership with TrakLink. […] The most important characteristic of the company is customer service, prompt response to our business requirements.”

Mr. Mohammad Qaisi, Logistics Manager

“We are proud to have been working with TrakLink for more than four years as the leading company in the local market in the field of vehicle tracking and management. […]”

Mr. Mohammad Melhem, Assistant General Manager

“Useful system, excellent customer service, excellent sales team!”

Ms. Samar Ayyad – Financial Director
Sariyah Express

“I would like to thank you for your high quality technical services. The technical services we get from you, whether in terms of movement of cars or sensors of heat and humidity are exceptional. […]”

Eng. Hisham Arabiat, Managing Director
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“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

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